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Carpet Cleaning

At NEO Carpet Cleaning we pride ourselves that we leave nothing in your carpet and upholstery that doesn't belong there; our Process gets rid of stains and odors! Unlike many carpet cleaners, we make sure no soapy residues, harsh chemicals, or extra water is left behind - as these substances can actually make things worse.
Our Steam cleaning technology loosens embedded dirt, then extracts that water with a powerful airflow wand. This recaptures 2X the amount of water that traditional carpet cleaning tools do. The result is a healthy clean that lasts.


Clean Without Residue

Our certified cleaning detergents are applied to your carpet fibers by our high-pressure, controlled spray process that loosens embedded dirt and removes it through our extraction wand. Your carpet is clean with No Residue and the dry time is dramatically reduced because we won't flood your carpets with water, unlike most other carpet cleaners. Our wand combines the joint properties of fluid mechanics and pressure dynamics. This means that we clean down to the bottom of your carpets fibers-removing embedded dirt, soils, dried soaps (when previously cleaned by another carpet cleaner), and other debris.


Spills and Stains - Solved 

once your carpet has been NEO'ed we recommend applying our factory spec carpet protectant. It is a new formula that represents the cutting edge of carpet protectors today. It uses state-of-the-art, environmentally safe fluorochemical technology to protect against damaging dry soils as well as both water-based and oil-based spills. But the real key is how the Carpet Protectant coats fibers with a stain barrier to protect them from difficult dye stains--from the inside out.
Traditional protectors rely on a repellent barrier across the top of carpeting to protect carpet fibers. And while such protectors perform well, especially when spills are cleaned up immediately, once a spill penetrates the barriers of repellent protectors they immediately bond to the fiber, creating difficulty to remove stains.
Because our Protectant protects the fiber completely, not just at the top, spills will not bead up and then soak through to create stains.


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