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Carpet Repairs -
Dont Replace it - Repair it

At NEO Carpet Cleaning we have developed incredible repair techniques that might surprize you. So, before you decide on an expensive carpet replacement, give us a call and consult with us. We might very well be able to save your carpet!


Carpet Repair

At NEO we know that once a heel of a shoe or a pet gets a hold of it, it can develop “runs” or “pulled rows”. We also know that the threads should never be cut in repairing it since it can cause irreversible damage to the carpet.

Most carpet cleaning companies may offer repairs, but when faced with difficult styles, they may run for the hills.  Luckily, our certified repair technicians are trained to handle any style of carpet.

When you’ve got bad carpet, we’ve got good answers.

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Pet Damage Repairs

Our best friends can sometimes test the boundaries of a good friendship.

If you have some carpet damage due to your dog, cat, ferret, ocelot….. you probably will want to call NEO. Many people assume that if they have a bit of carpet damage that it immediately means they must replace their carpeting, but this is not always necessary.  Our certified technicians can come in and assess the damage and many times can replace areas that have been torn or otherwise damaged for a fraction of the price of replacing the entire carpet. Ideally, a piece of spare carpet would be inserted and seamed into the damaged area. However, if no spare carpet is available we can take a piece from the closet.

When you’ve got bad carpet, we’ve got good answers!

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